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Honeywell offers a broad portfolio of data acquisition products to address most industrial recording needs. Its Trendview paperless recorders provide intuitive analysis tools and process visualization, faster start-ups and lowest lifecycle costs, and reliable process monitoring and recording. Users benefit from improved efficiency and decision-making, consistently superior product quality and regulatory compliance.​​​​​​​​

Honeywell’s comprehensive portfolio of measurement products, including standalone instruments and smart sensors, combined with software solutions and open interfaces for data access, enable users to manage their plant assets better and optimize their productivity. Honeywell’s SmartLine pressure transmitters feature industry-leading performance, unique features that lower the total cost of ownership.

Circular Chart Recorders
Honeywell’s circular chart recorders offer a cost-effective way to maintain records of historical batch process data and help manufacturers optimize the data collection process. The recorders are microprocessor-based and can record a variety of process parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure or flow from transmitters.

Paperless Recorders

Honeywell’s Paperless Recorders enable electronic acquisition and storage of data, helping manufacturers make informed decisions faster and improving operational reliability. In addition, these recorders eliminate the costs associated with traditional chart recorders.