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Honeywell solutions

CraigCor Distribution, your Authorised Distributor, offers Honeywell Process Solutions' cutting-edge Field and Process instrumentation, and field Configuration Software. Honeywell's comprehensive portfolio of measurement products, including standalone instruments and smart sensors, is complemented by software solutions and open interfaces for enhanced plant asset management and productivity optimisation.
Honeywell industrial automation solutions are designed to improve operational efficiency and safety in industrial settings. From process control systems to safety solutions, Honeywell products are known for their reliability and performance.

With over 25 years of industry experience, CraigCor Distribution is dedicated to delivering high-quality Honeywell solutions tailored to your needs, backed by exceptional customer service and a focus on innovation.


Process Instruments

Unlock unparalleled precision and control with Honeywell’s innovative process instruments. The comprehensive range of advanced sensors and intelligent solutions empowers industries to optimize processes with utmost accuracy. Elevate your operational excellence – explore the latest in process instrumentation at Honeywell.

Field Instruments

Honeywell’s diverse measurement products and SmartLine® Pressure Transmitters lead the way in optimising plant asset management and productivity. Elevate field operations with Honeywell’s comprehensive Field Instrumentation solutions. Advanced sensors and intelligent field instruments designed to optimize data acquisition and enhance operational efficiency. From smart transmitters to reliable measurement devices, discover the latest innovations in field instrumentation.

Field Configuration and Software

CraigCor Distribution offers a comprehensive range of Honeywell field configuration tools and software designed to enhance your industrial automation processes. Our solutions are designed for efficiency and reliability, helping you optimize your operations and reduce downtime. Whether you need to configure field devices or monitor performance, Honeywell offers innovative solutions to meet your needs.