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Authentication solutions

We've partnered with rf IDEAS® to enhance security and productivity across your manufacturing line. By utilising rf IDEAS technology, you can maximize the potential of your existing employee ID badges for secure access control throughout your facilities.

About rf IDEAS®

At rf IDEAS®, reliability and efficiency are our top priorities. It’s how we empower companies just like yours to make security simple by implementing our authentication solutions. Across industries like healthcare and enterprise, our logical access control solutions are compatible with your existing credentials, giving you the tools to manage your security ecosystem. Our goal is to be so reliable that easy access becomes what you expect.

rf IDEAS is a trusted name in security and has been for over 25 years because we consistently deliver the right solutions that meet evolving regulatory and cybersecurity demands. What we started as early pioneers in proximity-based security has grown into a varied portfolio of advanced credential readers that are implemented in 90% of Fortune 100 companies.

90% of Fortune 100 companies rely upon rf IDEAS® Solutions
40 countries Worldwide served by channel partners
25+ years as an Industry Leader

Why did CraigCor partner with rf IDEAS®?

You already trust CraigCor Distribution with all your industrial automation needs.  Securing your industrial equipment is important to us too!  Hence, we have partnered with rf IDEAS to put your employee ID badges to work for greater productivity and heightened security across the manufacturing line. With solutions based on rf IDEAS technology, our customers can use existing employee ID badges for secure industrial access control applications throughout their facilities.

We believe the following value will be added to our customer processes through the introduction of rf IDEAS® technology:

  • ­CraigCor only partners with a small number of renowned manufacturers. We back a specific brand and do not offer competing varieties that erode our partner value.
  • With this partnership, we are able to provide our clients with trusted authentication solutions which are already compatible with the Rockwell Automation brand.
  • Ensure that only qualified operators have access to equipment and process controllers.
  • We are saving our customers time and money!
  • Support your quality control initiatives with a full audit trail of users and access times.
  • WAVE ID® readers are compatible with the widest range of card types and support a growing number of mobile credentials.
  • Readers come in a wide range of form factors, including ODVA Certified and Ethernet/IP equipped models designed for the harshest environments and toughest manufacturing applications.
  • IP67 protection ensures that credential readers are dust-tight and hose down-ready.
  • Readers are available in form factors that are ideal for integration with workstations, process controllers, vehicles, tool cribs, secure printers, time clocks, cafeteria POS systems, mustering points and more.

At rf IDEAS® we create simple and straightforward solutions for complex authentication problems.


rf IDEAS® offers everything you need to enable security solutions for workstation log-on, single sign-on, secure print, attendance management, dispensing, mobile access, and much more. This is your entry point for all the technologies, form factors, and tools you’re looking for.


WAVE ID® Proximity & BLE Smart Card Readers for Any Credential, Device and Solution

WAVE ID® card readers are available in form factors, mounting configurations and connectivity options to suit practically any need. Choose single-frequency, dual-frequency, mobile and magnetic swipe versions to read nearly any credential in use anywhere in the world, today and tomorrow.


ConvergeID™ Passwordless Platform
The rf IDEAS ConvergeID™ software solution makes converting your existing credentials into FIDO2 security keys simple and streamlined. As the most secure passwordless authentication technology available today, FIDO2 works seamlessly across leading credential types, devices, operating systems and browsers. With the ConvergeID™, you can achieve the highest levels of security with no additional credentials to purchase or carry—and no passwords required. In addition, implementation requires little or no action from users and can be achieved overnight. Bring FIDO2 convenience and security to the industry’s most trusted readers including:

WAVE ID® Plus Mini

WAVE ID® Plus Mobile Mini




rf IDEAS® offers a wide range of proximity and contactless Smart Cards, badges, ISO printable cards, keyfobs, and adhesive discs. They provide a variety of options, including HID® proximity, proxy, prox, ProxPass II – Vehicle, and iCLASS® badges, among others. With over 200 million credentials in use worldwide, HID is a leading provider of contactless cards for access control.

Whether you need proximity cards, badges, keyfobs, or other contactless credentials, we offer a diverse selection to meet your access control needs.

Tools & Utilities

rf IDEAS® offer various tools and utilities to enhance the functionality and integration of their access control products:

  • Configuration Utility: rf IDEAS® provides a configuration utility that enables users to easily configure and customise their readers. This allows for seamless integration and ensures optimal performance of the readers within access control systems.
  • Keyboard Emulation Utility: This allows rf IDEAS® readers to emulate keyboard keystrokes, enabling the readers to interact with applications as if they were a keyboard. This feature simplifies the integration of the readers into existing systems without requiring extensive software modifications.
  • Converters: simplify the process of upgrading or replacing existing readers while maintaining compatibility with the existing infrastructure.
  • Mobile Credential Converter: With the increasing popularity of mobile credentials, rf IDEAS® provides a mobile credential converter that allows organisations to transition from traditional physical access cards to mobile credentials. This ensures compatibility and smooth integration of mobile credentials within access control systems.
  • Developer Tools: we offer a range of developer tools and Configuration Utilities. These tools provide developers with the necessary resources and documentation to streamline the development process.

Other support tools: