SAVA Enclosures are locally manufactured to international quality and performance standards and are backed by a professional team of technical experts providing a competitive edge that goes hand in hand with excellence and quality. Available in Mild Steel / 3CR12 / 304 & 316 Stainless Steel.

SAVA Enclosures are locally manufactured to international quality and performance standards and are backed by a professional team of technical experts providing a competitive edge that goes hand in hand with excellence and quality.

Wall Mount

IP65 Certified, A continuous polyurethane gasket on the door and gland plate, 2mm Aluzinc Chassis Plate, Removable gland plate, Removable wall mount brackets (included)

Modular Floor Standing

Unique frame design mounted on a 100mm plinth, IP55-IP65 Rating, A continuous polyurethane gasket on the door, top plate, side and back panels, 3mm Galvanised Mounting Plate, 3mm Galvanised Removable Gland Plates, Removable Top Plates, Reinforced front door frame, Adjustable depth members

Distribution Boards

IP65 Rating, 1100mm height and a 250 Depth, Variable Widths, Full Depth Mounting Adjustments, Panels can be built to the required Layout and width, Smart Front Cover Design (Din and Samite), A custom canopy can be supplied for the final width build, A continuous polyurethane gasket on the door, gland plate and side panels, 2mm Mounting Plate Powder coated White, Removable Gland Plate, Universal Doors with 3 point locking device and unique pad lockable lever lock


Incorporated Canopy, Gland Plate Included, A continuous polyurethane gasket on the door, Multi-Purpose Functions: E-Stop, Marshalling, Switch, Isolator,etc.

Meter Kiosks

IP54 Rating, Designed to allow the unit to be cast in a cement plinth, Tamper proof lock mechanism, Front and Rear covers slide upwards to allow full access to the components and connections, Concealed hinges


In house 3D Design to specification, Incorporation product and special requirements to the model, Virtual models allow for complete understanding from design to final implementation, Units designed using state of the art software, Can include our existing products and designs