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Specialist I/O

Since 1991, Spectrum Controls has committed to an extraordinary partnership with Rockwell Automation. The Encompass Program allows us to magnify the distribution of our products and services to bring contemporary solutions to the industrial automation marketplace. With the help of Rockwell Automation, we continually design and deliver innovative products to drive forward new manufacturing methods and breathe new life into existing deployments.

Spectrum Controls’ products provide simple, intuitive solutions for customers needing to control their industrial systems. Whether you are in the market for a remote access solution, industrial display technology, or industry tested I/O, we have a perfect fit for you.

1756 ControlLogix I/O

Universal Analog Inputs, Power Monitoring Inputs, Counter/Flowmeter, 48VAC/VDC Discrete Input Module

1769 Compact I/O

Universal Analog Inputs, Analog + HART Inputs, Analog + HART Outputs, Isolated RTD/Resistance Inputs, Isolated Thermocouple Inputs

1762 MicroLogix I/O

Universal Analog Inputs, Mixed Analog Input/Output,

2080 Micro800 I/O

Universal Analog Inputs, High Current Relay Outputs, Thermistor Analog Inputs, BACNet Communications

2085 Micro850 I/O

Universal Analog Inputs, High-Density Analog Outputs, High-Density Analog Inputs (V), High-Density Analog Inputs (C), Combo Analog 4 Inputs & 4 Outputs

1734 Point I/O

Universal Analog Inputs, Analog + HART Inputs, Isolated Analog + HART Outputs

1794 Flex I/O

Universal Isolated Analog Inputs, Isolated Thermocouple/RTD Inputs


The PowerFlex Universal Analog Option Card delivers eight, configurable, analog inputs to PowerFlex 753/755 drives. The analog inputs support voltage, current, RTD, and resistance inputs, providing a flexible solution for applications requiring mixed analog input. Mix and match input types to reduce your analog I/O module count. The PowerFlex Universal Analog Option Card simplifies installation and reduces costs by using a common I/O within your system. The card is easily configured using existing CCW software. This module comes with TechConnect™ support from Rockwell Automation at no additional cost to you.